nomad studio

author: Karolina Przybyła
location: Gliwice, Poland
area: 27m2
investor: private
realization: 2014

Main assumption of this project was to create functional space for a couple on just 27m2. Investors wanted to have isolated “bedroom”, “dining room” and “home office” in a way that two persons could independently work (function) on

small space.

Decision was made to get rid of unnecessary walls and swap bathroom wing doors with glass sliding ones; this not only improved communication also

lightened bathroom.

Bed was “hidden” behind sliding door; back plate of anteroom wardrobe can be used as a multimedia screen. Additional space under the bed hides

pretty big drawer.

Double work station was also hidden in a wardrobe; back plate is made from magnetic board which is a great place to store magnets from owners trips.

Both light and mobile stools, as well as foldable couch allow for quick space rearrangement.

Kitchenette became integral part of living room by using same flooring; only top, which is a substitute of dining room separates those two spaces.

All furniture was made in form of wardrobes fully fitting walls, in order to maximally use small space; white shiny varnish that covers fronts makes the studio

look bigger.

Whole studio is held in black and white colors, color accent is provided by frame filled with postcards received from friends

all over the world.

photos: Piotr Klubiński